Dixilang patented Voice Recognition technology, provides an automatic dictation solution for domain specific verticals, allowing users to speak naturally in real world situations (including noisy environments). The platform, catered to fit large enterprises bound to secure closed environments, also supports cloud based, PC and mobile applications. It can be easily customized and integrated with other existing systems and used both in Realtime or Offline.



Dixilang Ltd. was founded in 2012 with the aim of developing natural speech dictation solutions for real-time users and quickly became a leader in the field of Hebrew Dictation Technology.

The advanced technology enables the user to speak naturally and receive fast and accurate transcription in real time.

In 2014, Dixilang launched its’ first product, DixiMed. The company currently leads the medical market, with the DixiMed system, which since has been acquired by most of the medical centers in Israel.

Dixilang has ISO certifications in the areas of general information security and medical information security (9001, 271001, 27799).


המרכז רפואי ע"ש אדית וולפסון
מרכז רפואי בית חולים הדסה
המרכז רפואי תל אביב ע"ש סוראסקי
המרכז רפואי שערי מדק
מרכז רפואי אסף הרופא
מרכז רפואי תל השומר
מרכז שניידר לרפואת ילדים בישראל

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